Diversity At Grace

Diversity & Inclusion

At Grace, we take great pride in being a minority and woman-owned business that champions the advancement and success of all individuals within our organization. We believe that diversity is the lifeblood of innovation, creativity, and excellence. By fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates unique perspectives, experiences, and talents, we empower our employees to reach their fullest potential and drive our company’s success.


Commit to equal opportunities

Equal Opportunity Commitment

We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for all members of our team. Our hiring, promotion, and advancement processes are built on merit and achievement, ensuring that every individual can thrive and grow within our organization

respectful and supportive culture

We Encourage A Respectful and Supportive Culture

At Grace, we foster a culture of respect, empathy, and support. We celebrate our differences and actively seek to understand and learn from each other, building a stronger and more inclusive team

Address the owner's beliefs

Our Owner’s Beliefs

As the owner of Grace Federal Solutions, LLC, Iris Phillips, firmly believes in promoting gender equality. Our company is dedicated to breaking down barriers and creating equal opportunities for both men and women to excel and lead within our organization

Outline specific initiatives and goals

Initiatives and Goals

We actively implement diversity training programs and support employee resource groups that champion diversity and inclusion. We are continually working towards enhancing our efforts to create an even more inclusive workplace.

Seek feedback and collaboration

We Seek Feedback & Collaboration

We welcome feedback from our employees and value their insights on how we can better promote diversity and inclusion within our company. We are committed to a collaborative approach that involves everyone in fostering an inclusive work environment.

Shot of two professional coworkers using a digital tablet together at work

Our Dedication

At Grace, diversity and inclusion are not just words on paper; they are the foundation of our values and the driving force behind our success. We will continue to learn, grow, and adapt, ensuring that our company remains a place where all individuals can thrive and succeed.”

Empowering Diversity, Driving Success: Our Commitment to Equal Opportunity.

At Grace, we firmly believe in the transformative power of diversity. We champion the growth of women-owned and minority-owned businesses, recognizing that a diverse entrepreneurial landscape fuels innovation and drives lasting success. Embracing diverse backgrounds and perspectives enriches our business environment, promoting creativity, fostering innovation, and enabling us to overcome challenges with unique solutions. Through mentorship programs, philanthropy, and collaborative partnerships, we actively support women and minority entrepreneurs on their journey to success. We promote supplier diversity by actively seeking partnerships with diverse businesses, further expanding the circle of opportunity.

We invite you to join us in fostering a more inclusive business landscape. Together, let’s drive positive change by supporting and empowering women-owned and minority-owned businesses.

Equality and diversity are not just words for us; they are the core principles that guide our every decision. We remain steadfast in our commitment to promoting equal opportunity, empowering women and minority entrepreneurs, and building a stronger, more inclusive business community.



Why Choose Us?

Our Expert Team


Our team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in healthcare and digital transformation. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the industry, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.


We believe in building strong partnerships with our clients. We will work closely with you at every step, actively listening to your feedback, and adapting our services to align with your evolving requirements.


As technology advances and new opportunities arise, we stay at the forefront of healthcare innovation. We continually evaluate emerging trends and cutting-edge solutions to ensure we provide you with the most advanced digital transformation services.

Results-Driven Approach

Our goal is to drive measurable results for your organization. We focus on delivering tangible outcomes, such as improved operational efficiency, enhanced patient experience, and better clinical outcomes.