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Mastering Behavioral Interviews: How to Ace Your Next Job Interview

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially when faced with behavioral questions. Behavioral interviews focus on understanding an applicant’s past experiences and behaviors in various situations. Employers use these questions to assess how candidates might handle future challenges in the workplace. To help you prepare and succeed in your next behavioral interview, we’ve compiled essential tips and provided sample answers to common questions. Let’s dive in!

Dress for Success: Business Casual

Dressing for success in a business casual job interview is essential as it shows that you understand the company’s culture and that you take the opportunity seriously. Here are some tips to help you dress appropriately and impress your potential employer:

Grace is a proud Silver Sponsor of the 17th Annual NC Black Summit

Grace Federal Solutions, LLC is a proud sponsor of the 17th Annual NC Black Summit on April 27-28, 2023, at the Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley. This signature event hosted by the North Carolina Black Alliance uniquely brings together Black elected officials, public policy advocates, community stakeholders, strategic partners, and community advocates from across the state to explore solutions to issues and […]

NC MedAssist Welcomes Iris Phillips to the NC MedAssist Board of Director

NC MedAssist Welcomes Iris Phillips to the NC MedAssist Board of Director Brenda Vass, Chief Executive Officer at NC MedAssist is pleased to announce Iris Phillips, CEO of Grace Federal Solutions,LLC as a member of the Board of Directors!! Iris offers the entrepreneurial perspective and growth mindset needed to ensure that all uninsured NC residents with low income have opportunities for improved […]

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity Conference delivering powerful strategies and insights

Grace Federal Solutions was a Bronze sponsor of the annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) Conference which took place virtually over two days at the beginning of September. Hosted in partnership with the Bank of America, its theme was ‘Speak Up, Take Action,’ and speakers encouraged attendees to take these words to heart in their professional and personal capacities. In […]

Grace together with Enterprising Women Foundation Event April 24, 2023

The Enterprising Women Foundation Mentoring Program provides Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School girls with an opportunity to meet and connect with outstanding women entrepreneurs in their community at a local event, on April 24, 2023, from 11:00 am – 2:30 pm — designed to recognize their leadership potential, inspire them to dream big and focus on the next steps to […]

How AI is Transforming Healthcare

Artificial intelligence and digital technologies are quickly transforming numerous aspects of our world, healthcare included.  How is AI Being Used in the Healthcare Industry Today? The healthcare industry is seeing AI emerge as a game-changer in many capacities.  Through the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and healthcare practices, clinicians have benefited from faster diagnosis, pharmaceutical companies have been able to […]

Accelerate Data-driven Decision-making With Data Modernization

In today’s fast-paced business environment, effective decision-making needs to be rapid, accurate and data-driven. In order to speed up and optimize your decision-making processes, it is vital that your data is stored optimally for accessibility and security, as well as agility, scalability and the capacity for detailed analysis and interpretation. This is why data modernization should be at the top […]

How To Find The Healthcare Talent You Need

Take your business to the next level with top healthcare talent. Healthcare talent acquisition services can help you to hire the best candidates in the industry. If you are looking for candidates for your healthcare business or corporation, here is a guide to finding the talent you need. Update The Job Description Job descriptions are the first thing candidates will […]

Top Tips for Finding The Right Medical Recruiter

Looking for a medical candidate to fit your business? A medical recruiter can help you to find the best candidates for your workplace. It can be difficult to find a good medical recruiter if you don’t know what qualities to look for in a recruiter. Here are some factors you should be looking out for when choosing a medical recruiter. […]

How to Create Your Business Capability Modeling in 4 Steps

Business capability modeling can be defined as both an art and a science which encapsulates the essence of an enterprise using elemental building blocks known as the business capabilities. In this process, there are four basic steps to be followed. Yes, the process is highly complex, but it can be pared down and made easier to grasp. But what exactly […]

Simplification – The First Guiding Principle of Digital Transformation

According to Forbes, digital transformation can be defined as “incorporating digital technology into a business”. Perhaps you have championed digital transition in the past and invested significantly in upgrading your infrastructure – only to fall short of your goals. If this is the case, you are not alone! Inside this guide you will discover reasons to embrace digital transformation, the […]

Emerging Technologies in Enterprise Architecture

As technology changes, so does the way we do business. Enterprise architecture has to stay up to date with the latest developments in technology. Looking for motivation for your enterprise? Here are key enterprise architecture tech trends to look out for. Artificial Intelligence  The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has redefined architectural solutions. Today AI is being used across more […]

How To Design Your Enterprise Architecture for The Future

Interested in designing an effective Enterprise Architecture (EA)? An EA is a blueprint that outlines the structure and operation of an organization. The framework is used to determine how an organization should operate to achieve its short and long-term goals. The concept became popular during the 1980s as businesses experienced major digital transformations. EA helped businesses integrate old and new […]

Five Key Qualities of an IT PMO

IT project management offices (PMO) are essential parts of many businesses – both large and small. A PMO establishes a center of excellence to help deliver good project management, and set up and monitor best practices for success. However, what makes a good PMO? Let’s take a look at the five key qualities of an IT PMO. 1. Responsiveness While […]

How to Improve IT Helpdesk Performance

Your IT helpdesk is an essential element in your customer service practices. It is all too easy to lose customers and tarnish your reputation if your helpdesk is not working as it should. If you are worried about the performance of your helpdesk, don’t worry. Act quickly and decisively and implement these five fixes to improve your IT helpdesk performance. […]

2022 Raleigh Chamber Partners Dinner

We at Grace Federal Solutions are excited to make connections with top elected officials, collaborate on priorities, and celebrate the local successes of the past year with key political insights taking place on August 2nd at the 2022 Raleigh Chamber Partners Dinner.  #GraceFederalSolutions #RCPartners22

Iris Philips Takes Part in Courageous Conversations

Iris Philips, President and CEO of Grace Federal Solutions, knows the importance of empowering and advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusivity.

Women Presidents’ Organization Announces Iris Phillips Newest Member of Prestigious Women’s Business Organization

The Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO), a peer advisory group for million dollar plus women-led companies, was proud to announce Iris Phillips.

Grace Federal Solutions Sponsors NC MedAssist

Grace Federal Solutions was proud to sponsor the 2019 NC MedAssist Executive Luncheon featuring keynote speaker Reverend Richard Joyner.

Contact tracing 101

Contact tracing has been extremely effective in fighting previous epidemics, such as Ebola and SARS. With COVID-19, one of the most infectious diseases the world has encountered, contact tracing has become more critical than ever. It is a measure that mobilizes, not only healthcare providers but also businesses and individual citizens, to slow the spread of the disease. What is […]

5 Best Qualities to Look for in a Contact Tracing candidate

Contract tracing is one of the fast-growing fields in the United States. Since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak, the number of contact tracers in the country has increased from 2,200 to 36,000. It is estimated that we actually need in the region of 100,000 contact tracing candidates in order to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. FInd out the 5 Best […]

5 tips for healthcare talent acquisition

Healthcare recruiting challenges are expected to multiply, as the healthcare industry faces widespread talent gaps and shortages. A study by the Association of American Medical Colleges Center for Workforce Studies estimates that there will be a shortage of 45 000 primary care physicians and an additional shortage of 46 000 surgeons and medical specialists in the next decade. So how […]

How to navigate a contact tracing virtual call center.

‘Contact tracing’ has become somewhat of a buzzword due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Local health departments perform contact racing at a contact virtual call center upon reports of infectious diseases like COVID -19. Some may simply ignore a call from a number that they don’t recognize. This could be downright dangerous if the call was from someone in Public […]

5 Keys to Success with Coronavirus Vaccine Clinical Trials

The race to a Covid-19 vaccine continues! With clinical trials in progress (currently at the final stage of testing), researchers, scientists, and physicians are working endlessly to ensure that treatment is found. Drawing valuable conclusions from the statistics involves careful monitoring of the clinical trials in place. Physicians implementing clinical trials need to follow specific protocols. We take a look […]

5 Steps to Finding the Right Candidates for Clinical Trials Data Manager

Finding the right candidates for clinical trials data management is challenging! With the COVID-19 era lingering, scientific clinical trials abound to develop a safe and successful vaccine. Candidates are being tested worldwide. But, how effective are these clinical tests and who manages the results? A clinical trials data manager chooses the right candidates for scientific clinical trials to ensure recording […]

The Phases of Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution: When you can get your shot

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine has arrived, the United States, like other countries around the world, is rolling out the widest-ranging and most intensive inoculation program in history. Of course, in vaccinating an entire population in such a short time, demand will exceed supply, at least in the beginning.  Many people will wonder if and when they will get a […]

Why COVID Vaccine Distribution is lagging

When the development of the COVID-19 vaccine first began back in May 2020, the government promised that 300 million doses would be available by January 2021. However, by October, this estimation slipped to 100 million. By the end of December, distribution did not reach 40 million. Why do these timelines keep shifting?  The complexity of COVID-19 vaccine production Producing and […]

Trends in Healthcare Staffing for 2021

Throughout 2020, the healthcare industry has faced its toughest challenges in years. Meaning, healthcare staffing, as well as other procedures in the industry, are unlikely to be the same again. There is a need to protect against the increased risk. Additionally, there are many other areas in hospital staffing that are changing in 2021. Here are five of the most […]

How to Choose the Right Disaster Recovery Partner

Failing to choose the right disaster recovery partner can be – well, disastrous! For example, when companies suddenly find themselves having to move masses of data. Sometimes their service provider collapses for either financial or structural reasons. You have to be sure that your data is safe at all times. And if you can recover it if there is a […]