Iris Philips Takes Part in Courageous Conversations

Iris Philips, President and CEO of Grace Federal Solutions, knows the importance of empowering and advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Knowing that companies and organizations that hire more diverse candidates get a broader range of ideas and perspectives, these companies, in turn, are more innovative and more productive.

Iris Philips took part in the inaugural session of “Courageous Conversations” Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity event in June which featured panelists including the CEO of Ben & Jerry’s and the Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter.

Courageous Conversations empowered business owners, like Iris, to be a catalyst for change to ensure equity. The discussions led by the Racial Equity Institute, LLC opened the door for dialogue that can shape the future of our region and presented an analysis that was helpful, eye-opening, and relevant. By examining and understanding systems and structures that have led to racial inequity, Iris furthered her understanding on how to create more inclusive cultures.

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