Iris Phillips, President and CEO

Iris Phillips is the Founder, President & CEO of Grace Federal Solutions, LLC (Grace), a nationally recognized leader in healthcare and digital transformation. Ms. Phillips attended the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC.; and North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC. With more than fifteen (15) years of healthcare service administration and management expertise, Ms. Phillips founded Grace as a professional healthcare services company that provides consulting, talent acquisition and information technology solutions and services to government agencies (federal and state), healthcare organizations, and universities. Ms. Phillips also has extensive experience in project management, business development, and human resources management in working with a wide range of national, commercial, state, and federal clients.

As CEO, Ms. Phillips, currently directs the activities of Grace Federal Solutions, LLC to ensure efficiency and economy of operations, on time and accurate delivery of contractual requirements, development, and execution of business strategies.

Ms. Phillips holds prestigious positions across various organizations and is actively involved in several influential boards and councils. She serves as a member of the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Board of Advisors, the Women Presidents Organization, and the Management Council Board of Defense Alliance of North Carolina.  Additionally, Ms. Phillips contributes her expertise as a valued member of the UNC-Chapel Hill Patient Family Advisory Council, the NC MedAssist Board of Directors, and the Enterprising Women Advisory Board. Her significant contributions extend further as she holds the esteemed role of Chair of the Defense of Alliance Women Business in Defense Leadership Forum.

Both Grace and Ms. Phillips have been recognized with multiple awards, reflecting their exceptional achievements and leadership. Among these accolades are the 2022 100 Women to KNOW in America Award, the 2022 Andrea Harris MBE Award, the 2022 Enterprising Women of the Year Award, and the 2022 Department of Labor Hire Vets Gold Award. These recognitions highlight their outstanding contributions and dedication to their fields.

Leadership Team


Charles Clay, Director of Finance

Meet Charles Clay Jr., an analytical and data-driven professional who uniquely blends his engineering experience with financial acumen, providing day-to-day fiscal management responsibilities for the organization. For more than 18 years, he consistently excelled in the healthcare industry, specializing in commercial and government contracting. Through his broad experience and expertise, he makes critical contributions to contract governance, business process improvement, and leadership guidance. Charles demonstrates his passion for improving financial performance in innovative ways that drive successful outcomes in the healthcare industry.


Esther Aguillon-LaBeur, Business Development Manager

Presenting Esther Aguillon-LaBeur, a bilingual executive with a multifaceted background  encompassing call center operations management, business development, information technology, training development. In her role as a Business Development Manager, she excels in harmonizing processes and people, developing leaders, identifying new business opportunities and fostering strategic partnerships, that lead the organization’s efforts in exploring untapped markets, products, or services.

Esther’s proficiency lies in evaluating and anticipating business needs, formulating cutting-edge strategies, and implementing customized solutions to enhance profitability. Her diverse skill set and expertise make her an invaluable asset in driving the organization’s growth and success.


Lorna Miller-Jones, PHR, Human Resources Manager

Introducing Lorna Miller-Jones, a knowledgeable professional with over 25 years of HR leadership with a background in global diversity and a profound commitment to empowering youth, fostering their professional growth, and mentoring HR professionals. Currently serving as a prominent figure in the HR domain, Lorna is pivotal as she guides and oversees HR initiatives, policies, and programs at Grace. Her strategic leadership is instrumental in driving the daily functions of the HR department, where she adeptly implements and executes effective strategies, procedures, and practices for the company.


H. Pat Douglas, Account Management Director

Meet H. Pat Douglas, an accomplished professional with extensive experience as a skilled trainer and executive leader in diverse industries, particularly in Healthcare and Information Technology. As a U.S. Congressional Legislative Fellow and a recognized figure in Who’s Who among Executives and Professionals, Pat’s contributions have been widely acknowledged. Currently, Pat holds the position of Account Management Director, where her expertise in executive leadership and training continues to drive success. Her passion for empowering individuals and organizations has solidified her reputation as a sought-after professional in the realm of staff development and organizational enhancement.