What’s Next

You’ve Applied, What Happens Next?

Welcome to Grace Federal Solutions – where great opportunities await! We believe that finding the right talent is the key to our continued success, and we’re excited to have you consider joining our team.

At Grace, we’ve crafted a seamless and structured hiring process to ensure that we find the best fit for each role within our organization. From the moment you submit your application, we strive to make your journey with us a positive and rewarding experience.

Apply now and let your journey begin!

1. Resume Review and Routing

After an applicant submits their application (an automated email is sent to the applicant to confirm receipt of the application), the first step for Grace is to review their resume and assess whether they meet the basic qualifications for the position. This review can be done by the HR recruiter or the hiring manager for the role.


2. Initial Contact and Screening

If the applicant’s qualifications align with the job requirements, they will be contacted for an initial screening. This could be a phone call or an email to further discuss their background, skills, and interest in the role. During this conversation, the recruiter may also answer any questions the applicant has about the job.


3. Interview Setup

If the applicant successfully passes the initial screening, the next step is to set up an interview. This may involve coordinating schedules between the candidate and the interviewers, who may include the hiring manager, team members, or other stakeholders.


4. Interview Process

The applicant will go through one or more rounds of interviews, depending on the company’s hiring process. These interviews may be conducted in-person, over the phone, or through video conferencing. The interviewers will assess the applicant’s skills, experience, cultural fit, and potential to contribute to the organization.


5. Offer and Background Check

If the interviewers find a suitable candidate, an offer will be extended to them. Once the candidate accepts the offer, the company will initiate a background check. The background check is conducted to verify the information provided by the candidate and ensure they have no disqualifying factors.


6. Onboarding Preparation

While the background check is being conducted, the HR team and the hiring manager will prepare for the candidate’s onboarding. This involves gathering necessary paperwork, setting up access to company systems, and planning the new hire’s orientation.


7. Job Offer and Acceptance

Once the background check is completed and comes back clear, the candidate is officially eligible for employment. After the background check clearance, the HR recruiter will extend the formal job offer to the candidate. This offer will include details about the position, compensation, benefits, and other relevant terms. The candidate will then have the opportunity to accept or negotiate the offer.

Virtual Interview

8. Onboarding Process

Once the candidate accepts the job offer, the recruiter will guide them through the onboarding process. This process typically includes paperwork completion, orientation sessions, introductions to team members, and familiarizing the new hire with company policies and procedures.


Probation Period (if applicable)

Some companies may have a probationary period for new hires. During this time, the candidate’s performance and fit within the organization are closely monitored. At the end of the probation period, a formal review is often conducted to determine if the candidate will be confirmed in their role as a permanent employee.