Clinical Research Support

Patient Revenue Management Services

Medical coders, medical clerks, general clerks, admin assistants, patient accounts personnel, data entry clerks.

Consulting and Project Management

Physicians, nurses, occupational therapist, nurse case managers, and other allied health personnel.

Clinical Research Support

Dietitians, lab technicians, medical research and scientific personnel.

Information Technology Professionals

Systems operations personnel, database developers, IT network support, administrative assistants, accounting and general clerks, and human resources professionals.

Disaster Recovery Project Management

We work alongside the government to develop strategies to minimize the financial burdens and effects of natural disasters.


Direct hire recruitment solutions for project-based  consulting and management business support.

Operations & Administrative Support

Administrative Medical Assistants, Executive Assistants, Intake Personnel, Clerks, Administrative Assistants.

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Clinical Trials Research
Project Management

Grace Federal Solutions clinical trials research project managers direct the activities of workers engaged in clinical research projects to ensure compliance with protocols and overall clinical objectives.

Grace Federal Solutions offers a strategic workforce of skilled science project managers for clinical trials & research who plan, direct, or coordinate clinical research projects.

In light of pandemics and clinically focused research, Grace Federal supports healthcare organizations as they expand their research & clinical project-based  management teams.

Our support includes:

  • Call Center Support
  • Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Research Associates
  • Clinical Trials Specialist

Clinical Lab Project Management

Grace Federal Solutions excels in finding the right quality control apprenticeships, biopharma consultants, clinical research associates for clinical lab project management. Our clinical trial research consultants are professionals qualified for the entry, verification, validation and quality control of data gathered during the conduct of a clinical trial. Our clinical lab personnel candidates are also experts in data management— an integral part of a successful the clinical trial process.


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    When clinical trials are conducted across multiple sites with different investigators, uniformity be- comes a big challenge!

    Grace Federal serves as an extension of your in-house staff and collaborates with every client to tailor an approach to fit specific project needs. In some projects, we can help you increase the clinical research personnel you need at more intense times by outsourcing just as much help as you need. We have experienced teams of monitors, project managers, clinical research nurses and study site coordinators who will work with you on as needed to successfully managing the peak moments in each clinical trial.

    We understand that every project is unique. We offer you full-time as well as part-time outsourcing. Each person is individually managed by the client, enabling you to control timely achievement of your project objectives. Our team is specialized in personnel recruitment, training, management and contract administration as well. We can assist you with your studies.

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    Grace has a credible reputation for providing a stable workforce with low turnover rates, rapid fill rates, superior program management and quality performance