Patient Revenue Management Services

Medical coders, medical clerks, general clerks, admin assistants, patient accounts personnel, data entry clerks.

Consulting and Project Management

Physicians, nurses, occupational therapist, nurse case managers, and other allied health personnel.

Clinical Research Support

Dietitians, lab technicians, medical research and scientific personnel.

Information Technology Professionals

Systems operations personnel, database developers, IT network support, administrative assistants, accounting and general clerks, and human resources professionals.

Disaster Recovery Project Management

We work alongside the government to develop strategies to minimize the financial burdens and effects of natural disasters.


Direct hire recruitment solutions for project-based  consulting and management business support.

Operations & Administrative Support

Administrative Medical Assistants, Executive Assistants, Intake Personnel, Clerks, Administrative Assistants.

Speaking Events

Hear CEO Grace Federal Solutions, Iris Phillips o Delivering Superior Healthcare Support to Government & Commercial Industries.


Grace Federal Solutions has a long and successful history of recruiting for medical positions.  We provide distinctive and flexible, outsourced, and direct hire recruitment solutions. We utilize a client-focused full-cycle recruitment process to achieve, attract and recruit the best medical, ancillary, and clinical care talent through a high touch, low-cost solution.


Our cost-effective solutions result in a high level of client satisfaction while delivering a sound return on investment. Our recruitment processes are scalable, flexible, and tailored to each organization’s needs. We understand that companies require more than just a technically skilled candidate, but  also one who demonstrates acute situational awareness required for diverse environments.


Grace Federal Solutions’ recruitment experts source and recruit qualified candidates who exhibit not only the skill set but the right attitude and ability to become contributing members of the team. We leverage a wide range of recruiting resources/sources and outreach to procure “the right candidate at the right time” to meet each clients’ needs.


Grace thoroughly screens and reviews each candidate’s background and expertise (high-touch) resulting in a proactive continuous recruitment process to reduce cost (low-cost), and provide shorter time to hire/time to fill rates, reduced costs per hire, and reduced back fill rates (right hire). This is our High Touch, Low-Cost, Right-Hire approach.

Core Competencies

Grace Federal Solutions provides its high touch, low-cost, end to end recruitment solutions, which includes client-focused programs and projects that deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, consistently exceeding client and organizational expectations.

  • Recruitment Strategies and Solutions
  • Talent Management (Full Lifecycle)
  • Specialization in Healthcare: PA’s CMA’s Nurses, Lab Techs, Phlebotomists, Pharmacy Tech, Health, and Wellness Specialist
  • Patient Revenue Management, including Clinical Documentation Analysts, Medical Coders, Auditors, Call Center Support, Patient Registration, and Claims Processing
  • Operations & Administrative Support including Intake Personnel
  • Clinical Research Support
  • A Wide-Range of Project Management solutions

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