Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Grace Federal Solutions is a professional services company that provides healthcare consulting solutions and services to government agencies, healthcare organizations and Universities. A recognized leader of healthcare focused on delivering projects and services that include a wide range of strategies that result in a high level of customer satisfaction. Our team of highly driven experts provide strategies and support solutions, in the following sectors, Data & Information Technology, Health Equity, Clinical Research Enterprise, Workforce Solutions, Project Management, Strategy & Management Consulting, People & Change Management, Training Design & Delivery Services.


Our Health Equity Service includes educational initiatives that empower individuals and communities with the information and resources necessary to make informed decisions about their health. Our Health Equity Service includes educational initiatives that empower individuals and communities with the information and resources necessary to make informed decisions about their health. Additionally, we advocate for policies and practices that promote health equity on a broader scale.

Health Equity
Research enterprise


Our Research Support Services cater to the growing demand for evidence-based decision-making in healthcare. We offer assistance with  data collection and analysis, and research project management. Our team of clinical trial research consultants are highly qualified professionals who excel in tasks such as data entry, verification, validation, and quality control. They play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the data collected during the clinical trial process. Additionally, our clinical lab personnel candidates are experts in data management, an essential component of successful clinical trials. Trust Grace Federal Solutions to connect you with exceptional individuals who possess the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to the success of your clinical lab projects. We are committed to delivering the highest standards of talent and expertise to meet your specific requirements.


As a Workforce Solutions Provider, our services are designed to assist healthcare organizations in identifying and acquiring the right professionals for various roles within the industry. We specialize in recruiting healthcare professionals across a wide range of disciplines, including clinical, non-clinical, healthcare support, call center, and clinical research support positions. Our focus is on identifying individuals with the necessary skills, compassion, and dedication to contribute to the healthcare team.  We strive to connect organizations with highly qualified individuals who are committed to making a positive impact in the healthcare industry.



Our team of experienced consultants brings extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry, enabling us to offer strategic guidance and practical solutions. At Grace, our commitment to providing quality people is at the core of everything we do. We take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional healthcare professionals who possess the expertise, compassion, and dedication required to support our clients’ success. We bring a customer-centric approach, industry knowledge, and a proven track record to support your unique requirements and contribute to positive healthcare outcomes.


Our Digital & Tech Consulting services involve extracting and analyzing healthcare digital solutions from various sources, ensuring compliance with standards and facilitating meaningful data-driven strategies. Our experienced team of healthcare and technology experts will collaborate with you to develop a tailored digital transformation strategy aligned with your organization’s goals. We will assess your current processes, identify areas for improvement, and create a roadmap to guide your digital transformation journey. Successful digital transformation requires the engagement and support of your entire workforce. Our change management experts will guide you through the process, helping you navigate organizational and cultural shifts. We will provide comprehensive training programs to upskill your staff, ensuring they are equipped to leverage the new technologies effectively and drive positive change.



Our consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and best practices to the table, leveraging their extensive industry experience to address unique challenges specific to your business. We guide you through each phase of the transformation journey, from planning and resource allocation to monitoring and continuous improvement. Through our expertise and experience, we work closely with your team to develop practical and actionable plans that align with your strategic objectives. We work closely with your organization’s leadership team to grasp the overall vision, mission, and specific goals that have been set for the organization. Our consulting team identifies potential barriers and opportunities that might impact strategy execution. Together we turn your strategic visions into tangible results.


Our People and Change Management Consulting services are designed to support organizations in navigating complex transformations and achieving successful outcomes. We understand that change is a constant in today’s dynamic business environment, and effective change management is essential for sustainable growth and success.

Our consulting approach encompasses a range of areas, including organizational changes, enterprise changes, and the effectiveness of leaders, culture, and teams. We offer tailored solutions that address your unique needs and challenges, ensuring a holistic approach to change management.



Our Training Design & Delivery services are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals, keeping them up to date with the latest advancements, regulations, and best practices.  Our training design and delivery services are focused on creating tailored and comprehensive training programs that address the unique needs of healthcare organizations. Thorough needs assessment we identify the knowledge gaps, skill deficiencies, and performance issues within your healthcare organization. This assessment serves as the foundation for designing targeted training interventions.