How To Design Your Enterprise Architecture for The Future

How to design your Enterprise Architecture for the future

Interested in designing an effective Enterprise Architecture (EA)?

An EA is a blueprint that outlines the structure and operation of an organization. The framework is used to determine how an organization should operate to achieve its short and long-term goals.

The concept became popular during the 1980s as businesses experienced major digital transformations. EA helped businesses integrate old and new processes to form a seamless environment. This way, businesses could respond to the rapid technology growth. However, EA doesn’t only apply to IT, it applies to the entire business. 

Here’s how you can design an EA for the future:

Step-by-step Guide To Creating An Effective Enterprise Architecture 

  • Define the enterprise scope: The first step is defining the enterprise – is it an entire corporation, one department, or a group of organizations?
  • Determine the strategic direction: Here, you’ll need to map out your business’ goals, values, business drivers, and competitors. You’ll also need to analyze your customers’ needs and the different products or services you offer. 
  • Outline your existing architecture: Outline your business’ current operating systems and technological architectures.
  • Map out your future architecture: Outline your business’ future environment, systems, and technological architectures and how they support your vision.
  • Do a gap analysis: Here, you’ll need to see how your current and future architectures differ. Doing so will help you realize what changes need to be made to support the future strategic direction. 
  • Analyze the ROI: Evaluate the resources, time, expenses, and risks associated with implementing the future architecture. If the ROI is acceptable, you can go ahead with the devised plan.

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