Five Key Qualities of an IT PMO

IT project management offices (PMO) are essential parts of many businesses – both large and small. A PMO establishes a center of excellence to help deliver good project management, and set up and monitor best practices for success. However, what makes a good PMO? Let’s take a look at the five key qualities of an IT PMO.

1. Responsiveness

While data is vital to helping organizations make the right decisions, it is important that this information is current and responsive to the business’s needs. In addition to gathering the right data, PMOs must also be agile and adaptable to ensure that they can stay abreast of the company’s needs and act immediately on the data they gather.

2. Forward vision

While it is important for a PMO to be responsive, it should not be reactive. PMOs must always be armed with a vision of the company’s future. It should provide this plan to the rest of the company and take corrective action when needed.

3. Agility

A PMO is never about bureaucracy and routine. These are transformational bodies that embrace change and drive the organization forward. A PMO can never do the work for which it is intended by getting stuck in endless discussions, consultations and red tape.

4. Promote best practice

Best practice and continuous improvement should be the core values of all PMOs. Metrics must be streamlined and standardized, providing the organization with a strong basis on which it can make effective decisions.

5. Always have the right tools

Vision, agility and best practice mean little if a PMO does not have the tools needed to achieve its goals. A world-class PMO always ensures that the right tools are in place and used consistently and effectively.

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