How to Improve IT Helpdesk Performance

Your IT helpdesk is an essential element in your customer service practices. It is all too easy to lose customers and tarnish your reputation if your helpdesk is not working as it should. If you are worried about the performance of your helpdesk, don’t worry. Act quickly and decisively and implement these five fixes to improve your IT helpdesk performance.

1. Collect the right data

It isn’t enough to know that your IT helpdesk has received complaints. You need to know exactly where the problems are so that you can address them directly. It is thus essential that your collect specific and accurate data. Where are the shortfalls: dropping service levels? Plummeting customer satisfaction ratings (if so, what comments are customers leaving with their ratings)? Are resolution times too long? Read the complaints, listen to what your staff are saying, and then study the data before you bring your team in to discuss the way forward.

2. Set New Goals

Once you have studied all the metrics, it is time to set new goals for what your improved helpdesk will look like. Do you want to push the average customer rating up by a certain number of points? Or perhaps you want to shift first touch resolution numbers from the 60th percentile up into the 80th. Whatever the goals may be, get specific about them, and set a time limit.

3. Study Your Performance Feedback

As well as reading your tracking metrics, gather feedback from your staff too. This information can be used to address issues in a more focused manner. It can also help you build morale and foster your team’s involvement in the upgrade project.

4. Provide The Right Training

It may be the case that your support staff just need a refresher course in some of the basics of IT support – or perhaps it is time for an upgrade so that they can push their performance further. Well-trained technicians are naturally more adept at solving problems without having to escalate to their superiors. This means they can solve any complaints before they become major problems.

5. Invest In New Technology

Is your helpdesk using all the latest technology? Automation and other solutions all make it much easier to resolve customer problems, which means that resolution times will decrease and levels of customer satisfaction levels will increase. Assess your tech infrastructure and see what needs to be upgraded.

If you need expert help setting up or maintaining your IT helpdesk, contact Grace Federal Solutions, LLC. We can help you improve your IT helpdesk performance, as well as provide administrative support and IT support to drive your business growth.

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