5 tips for healthcare talent acquisition

Healthcare recruiting challenges are expected to multiply, as the healthcare industry faces widespread talent gaps and shortages. A study by the Association of American Medical Colleges Center for Workforce Studies estimates that there will be a shortage of 45 000 primary care physicians and an additional shortage of 46 000 surgeons and medical specialists in the next decade. So how can recruitment services overcome these challenges to find the specialists that are needed?

1. Post directly on job boards in a specific niche

 You can advertise on mainstream job boards too. But, reach out to specific healthcare specialists that you are seeking by posting on sites like Health eCareers to target your talent directly. 

2. Offer improved benefits for talent acquisition

Attract the best and most qualified candidates. And, keep them motivated to stay. Offer a competitive salary, attractive benefits, and flexible working hours. You could also offer something unique that competitors do not.

3. Assess candidates soft skills

Health care professionals interact with people daily, so excellent communication skills are vital. Have a list of key skills the position requires. Furthermore, draw candidates out to see how and if they will fit in. Use psychometric assessment tools to assess the candidate before calling them in for an interview.

4. Use recruiting software for talent acquisition

Utilize digital assistance from recruiting software options like Blue Sky Medical staffing software. This will help you manage your tasks and to track applicants. 

5. Boost your employer’s branding

This is a market where candidates can have their pick of employers. So, you have to stand out or risk having to settle for less-qualified candidates. Actively promote growth opportunities, competitive salaries, and any other unique benefits your brand offers. Building your employer brand may take time and investment but it will draw the right candidates to you and ultimately make your brand a success.

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