Recruitment tips for vaccine distribution

The rollout of COVID-19 vaccines has increased the demand for vaccine distribution staff across the healthcare industry, from hospitals and clinics to pharmacies. Here’s a look at the positions that most need filling, and some expert recruitment tips on how to do so.

One major pharmacy chain is expected to recruit no fewer than 15,000 new employees countrywide to facilitate vaccine distribution. This is a reflection of what is happening across the industry. All healthcare providers are having to increase their workforces to get vaccines out to the public as quickly as possible. Healthcare workers of all specialties are in demand, including pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and more. How are these positions to be filled as speedily as possible while still ensuring quality candidates? Here are five tips to make the task a little easier.

1. Post your ad on niche platforms for vaccine distribution

Recruiting for vaccine distribution means you need to hire quickly, which requires you to cut a few steps out of the initial canvassing phase. Post your ads on boards that are specific to the healthcare industry, such as Health eCareers, CareerVitals, and Healthcare Source.

2. Invest in recruitment software

Programs like Workable help to streamline the recruiting process by setting up referral systems, helping you search for passive candidates, and providing helpful analytics and reports.

3. Emphasize your candidates’ soft skills

As you recruit for your medical and technical posts, qualifications and experience will, of course, be a given. Every one of your applicants should have the necessary educational and professional experience, so what you should look out for to help you set them apart is their soft skills: good communication skills, the ability to work with even the most difficult people, and to work well under pressure.

4. Work on your brand as an employer

With the sudden surge in demand for healthcare professionals, you need to make sure that your organization is more attractive to the talent you want, compared to your competition. Think about your brand and how you will communicate its benefits to your prospective hires.

5. Work with a specialist recruitment agency

The best way to secure the best talent during this period is to work alongside a skilled and dedicated recruitment agency with a thorough knowledge of the healthcare industry. Grace Federal is the perfect recruiting partner to help you keep your facilities staffed by the best candidates during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact us for more information and healthcare recruitment tips.

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