Steps to improve your business’ cybersecurity

The reliance of businesses on technology is at an all-time high. However, the convenience of technology has brought about the risks of cyber-attacks and hacking. Thus, cybersecurity is essential as it involves the protection of electronic data from unauthorized access and malicious attacks. Grace Federal outlines six simple ways to improve your business’ cybersecurity.

Develop a plan for your business’ cybersecurity

The first step to safeguarding your business is to acknowledge that cybersecurity is critical to you and your clients. Next, develop a comprehensive security plan and infrastructure to establish processes that will enhance cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity’s Two-step verification

With the help of a two-step verification process, users will need to enter an additional identifying action after entering a password. For example, once the password is entered, your registered phone number will receive a randomly generated unique code that must be entered to move forward. This is a standard security process for big organizations such as Google and Microsoft.

Backup your business data

It is critical that all businesses, big or small, have sound backup implementation plans in place. Thus, if a ransomware attack resulted in the deletion of precious data, you can still use the backup to retrieve all the digital copies of the original data you lost. Once the backup is complete, store it on an external hard drive, flash drive or the cloud for safety and authorized access.

Business cybersecurity Antivirus software

Many of us complain when we see our antivirus software constantly updating. However, this is essential as antivirus developers need to constantly update their software to safeguard users from structural weaknesses based on user data. It is recommended to consult an expert to find the right antivirus software based on your needs and size of your business.

Physical security

Some of the main physical security lapses that businesses ignore usually are:

Written down passwords

Sensitive information in the open and on whiteboards

Easy access to employee access cards

Educating employees

This is one of the most important factors to consider when improving your cybersecurity. Most often, employees do not realize they are compromising security while navigating the web. Educate your employees and train them to do the following:

  1. Never share your passwords
  2. Use the two-step verification process on the work computer and relevant software
  3. Backup data frequently
  4. Avoid streaming content from websites unless they are sure about their legitimacy
  5. Do not share company software or hardware with non-employees
  6. Do not open emails with unexpected attachments
  7. Change passwords at least every 3 months

So, if you are a healthcare business in North Carolina looking to enhance your cybersecurity infrastructure, look no further. Grace Federal, leaders in consulting and professional services to healthcare organizations and government agencies, can help you safeguard your business today!

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