What to look for in a Clinical Trial Project Manager

Clinical trials are challenging projects with many variables. It is essential that you have an experienced person with the appropriate expertise to oversee the project. This person needs to keep it on schedule, maintain patient safety, and keep an eye on the budget. When recruiting your clinical trial project manager, look out for the following four essential qualities.

1. Well-developed leadership skills

A clinical trial manager must be a strong leader first and foremost by keeping the team motivated. Additionally, they must be decisive in situations where quick, clear-minded choices need to be made. Moreover, they need to set a strong vision for the project and guide the entire team toward the fulfillment of that vision.

2. Great communication skills

A powerful vision for a project is meaningless if a leader cannot effectively communicate it to the rest of the team. The project manager will need to chair meetings. They would also be responsible for presenting and interpreting reports and metrics. They also need to engage in a variety of interactions on a daily basis. Clear, effective and inspiring communication is thus essential.

3. Detail orientation

Of course, a project manager must have a strong grasp of the big picture, but with clinical trials, it is also essential that they have a keen eye for details. The right candidate will have to have a strong grasp of all the variables involved, and will need to work with other team members to analyze problems and their causes as they arise.

4. Proactive approach

Although the trial will have detailed guidelines laid out before it starts, the team is unlikely to succeed by simply following the manual. Problems will arise, and changes of direction are inevitable. The project manager must be able to anticipate these and come up with potential solutions in advance.

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