Top Recruitment Trends for 2022

Recruitment strategies have had to adapt considerably over the past two years. Hiring practices that remained the norm for many years before the COVID-19 pandemic are now obsolete. The movement toward remote work, and chronic skill shortages has been described as “the Great Resignation.” In 2022, recruiters are going to have to change the way they approach the search for new staff. Look out for these top recruitment trends in 2022.

Candidate-driven Market

For the first time in decades, there are more posts available than there are suitable candidates. This means that candidates can be more selective and hold more bargaining power. Recruiters will have to work harder to attract the best talent. This involves offering more competitive remuneration and benefits packages than their competitors. Recruiters will have to find ways to stand out as they all compete for the same limited pool of talent.

Remote Recruitment Processes

Many people have started to return to their offices as the effects of the pandemic start to ease off. Nevertheless, remote recruitment is here to stay. Candidates are in a stronger position to expect remote work, and recruiters have also realized that remote interviews and other virtual recruiting methods save time and boost efficiency.

Focus on Retention

In a candidate-driven market where workers are less afraid to quit and move on, companies will find themselves working harder to retain the talent they already have, and will have to work hard on their employer brands as a result.

Data-driven Recruitment

Recruitment marketing – i.e., marketing efforts that promote a company’s brand as an employer in an attempt to attract the best talent – is several years behind consumer marketing when it comes to the use of data and analytics. Since recruiters have tended to be spoiled for choice as they search for new staff, they have never really had to make substantial use of the kind of audience-driven analytics that other marketers use to refine their branding communications. This is changing: recruiters have to analyze their markets and create marketing personas just like consumer marketers do.

More Selective Applications

It is no longer the norm for job seekers to apply for anything and everything that even vaguely suits their desires and qualifications. We will now start to see applicants being much more selective. This will mean far fewer applications for recruiters to sort through, but it also means that they will have to make their job advertisements much more enticing, and more carefully targeted towards their ideal candidates.

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