Top 5 Qualities of Project Managers

It is not just anybody who can be a project manager. This pivotal role requires a special candidate with the right combination of skills, expertise, and personal qualities. Successful candidates need to inspire and motivate a team toward completing tasks in a specific way. Mainly, in time, under budget, and to high standards of quality and performance. As you go through your potential candidates, look out for these five non-negotiable qualities of project managers.

Strong Leadership Skills

First and foremost, a project manager is a leader. Effective project management revolves around the ability to inspire and motivate team members to reach and excel. In so doing, they can achieve their goals.

The Ability to Make Decisions

Project managers must be able to be decisive obviously, but decisiveness is not enough. Decisions must be driven by the ability to consider all available data. Consequently, these decisions use this information to reach the most appropriate decision in the shortest possible time. However, this is a rare skill that comes from a combination of experience and training.

Great Communication Skills

With great leadership comes excellent communication. Project managers must be able to connect with people at all levels. For example, they need to clearly explain the needs of the project, as well as the tasks and responsibilities of individual team members.

Technical Expertise

Most importantly, a project manager must have a strong understanding of the technical demands of the project itself. They must also have knowledge of their personnel involved with the task. Also, mastery of project management software, as well as an excellent working knowledge of operational aspects, are essential.

Capacity to Work Under Pressure

No project is without its interruptions and obstacles. However, a good project manager must be able to handle these while remaining cool and in control, and keeping other team members calm as well.

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