Latest developments in clinical research recruitment

Undoubtedly, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic revolutionized the post-pandemic nature of clinical research and trial recruiting. It also changed in its related clinical trials. Researchers are looking to make recruitment processes for clinical research and trials more seamless and effective. Read on to find out more from Grace Federal, experts in healthcare consulting.

Digital engagement

With social distancing and lockdowns, people took advantage of digital platforms to ‘meet’ and stay connected. Digital patient recruitment, too, gained popularity. This occurred because patients could now be reached digitally or online. You can now recruit patients for clinical trials through digital platforms and advertising. With digital platforms, you do not have to worry about accessibility or geographical boundaries. If we had to compare patient recruitment in 2019 to 2020, we find that there is a substantial increase in Click-through Rates by 20%. There was also an increase in engagement rates by 13% and registration rates by 80%.

Also, clinical recruitment companies now use platforms such as Spotify ads and placements in podcasts or videos to advertise their trials. Trial advertising provides an opportunity to reach out to a larger audience. 

Human connection

There is no doubt that the world has been a lonely place since we were hit by the pandemic. However, clinical trial recruiters have also found that people need and crave personal attention and human connections, especially in medicine. Thus, healthcare organizations are looking at adding personal or human follow-up services. These services can remind patients of the way forward. Follow-up services also help maintain that human connection.


The pandemic pushed several clinical trials for non-COVID-related diseases to the backburner. Clinical trial recruitment companies now look to create pre-recruitment registries of eligible participants who can be contacted when the trial commences. This ensures there is no wastage of time or effort when the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. It also helps other clinical trials to hit the ground running.

Virtual clinical trials

In the last year and a half, researchers and clinical trial recruitment agencies have been forced to get creative. Thinking out of the box is crucial. Thus, virtual or decentralized clinical trials have replaced traditional ones. These allow patients to participate from the comfort of their homes without the risk of exposure to COVID and other threats. The main benefits of conducting such a trial include:

1.     Improved patient experience through telemedicine or face-to-face virtual sessions

2.     Recruitment is easier with less consideration of location and geography

3.     Through wearable technology, researchers can collect real-time information spanning the breadth of the patient’s entire day.

Thus, a paradigm shift occurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This especially pertains to the space in which clinical trials run in today’s world. For more information on clinical research recruitment, contact Grace Federal today! 

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