Top 5 skills your IT technician should have

A strong IT infrastructure is essential for any organization. This requires the skills of excellent IT technicians to build and maintain it. The efficiency of your organization, and its ability to deliver excellent healthcare services, depends upon your IT. So, how do you go about recruiting the perfect technicians to ensure the smooth running of your indispensable technology? Here are five non-negotiable skills your IT technician should have. 

1. Problem-solving skills

Much of an IT tech’s time is taken up with essential support tasks – assisting staff with issues as they arise. Plus, these issues must be resolved as swiftly as possible. This requires the tech to have a certain set of skills. These include analytical skills, knowledge of equipment, and interpersonal skills required to fix technical problems as efficiently as possible.

2. Attention to detail

IT is a detail-oriented field. Technicians must have the aptitude for minutiae. Additionally, they need the ability to spot a faulty component, no matter how small, or to see the error in a single line of code. Moreover, this attentiveness must be accompanied by patience. They need to have a willingness to explore all possible options until problems and solutions are identified.

3. Self-discipline

The IT team often works somewhat independently of other departments. These other departments, in turn, rely heavily on the IT department’s ability to manage its own workflow. IT techs must be self-driven and have strong organizational skills to help them deliver solutions and meet deadlines.

4. Love of technology

Most – if not all – people who enter the IT field do so out of a genuine interest in the technology itself. Considering the intricacies involved, as well as the speed at which technology advances, it is essential that IT workers possess this passion for their work. A great IT tech is excited about the technology, is always working to advance their knowledge of it, and is ready with answers for questions their colleagues haven’t even thought to ask yet.

5. Great communication skills

Your IT support person must be able to interact closely with colleagues and sometimes with individuals outside your organization. They must thus have the ability to represent your company and place it in a good light, as well as communicating complex concepts with people who don’t necessarily understand the ins and outs of IT. Technical knowledge is essential, but so is the ability to communicate that knowledge with others.

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