Grace Federal Solutions fills Clinical and Financial Positions in Academic Research in COVID

Academic research is essential in the fight against COVID-19. Grace Federal Solutions helps to fill many positions in the healthcare’s clinical research needed to treat patients. Find out more info on the academic research in the healthcare industry’s fight against COVID-19. And, see how Grace Federal Solutions fills Clinical and Financial Positions in Academic Research in COVID.

How Did Clinical Research Help The Fight Against COVID-19?

The COVID-19 delta and omicron variants saw an increase in hospitalization. Evidently, the healthcare industry was under serious stress. Many personnel took up double shifts and hours to take care of patients. Also, major surgeries were put on hold as hospitals were already filled up with critical COVID-19 patients. Not to mention, money used for research was spread out as the healthcare system needed more funding for patients.

Healthcare Professionals began retiring early

The stress in healthcare made many in the healthcare industry retire early. Or, some quit altogether due to the pressure and stress on them to find solutions to COVID-related issues. Even salary increases and incentives were not enough to keep people on board and working 24/7. Consequently, it was clear that the healthcare industry needed help. They needed help particularly in areas of research to help patient recovery and care.

Reliance on Recruitment Services

Many states and hospitals relied on outsourcing and recruitment services to alleviate the burden on the healthcare industry. These agencies help to fill positions in the industry to provide research facilities with the clinical research teams they need. Grace Federal Solutions is proud to be part of the team that helps healthcare industries across the country fill positions. This reduces the strain on hospitals and research facilities. 

Grace Federal Solutions

We have placed professional and trained staff across the healthcare industry. And, not just to assist hospitals but to help with important clinical research needed for the fight against COVID-19. Grace also assisted health providers with important financial services needed to treat patients. 

The pandemic has slowed down across the world but is far from over. Many healthcare providers can benefit from filling important clinical and financial positions. Finding suitable and qualified candidates can help your business with the effective research needed to help patients. Moreover, these candidates can reduce business costs, and retain existing personnel. We understand that finding candidates in the healthcare sector is not easy and this is why we provide comprehensive recruitment services to find suitable candidates for you. 

If you’re looking to fill positions in the healthcare industry to assist with academic research, give us a call today!

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