Grace Federal Solutions Military Outreach finds Jobs for those Exiting the Military

Looking to hire military veterans? Grace Federal Solutions has a new Military Outreach program focused on finding jobs for military veterans. Here are some tips we use to find the best military veteran candidates for businesses. 

Tips to Recruit Military Veterans 

  1. Create a good work environment 

Is your business a good place to work? Nobody wants to work in an unnecessarily toxic or stressful environment. A military veteran who spends years in a stressful environment can handle situations thrown at them. But, that doesn’t mean they should be forced into bad environments. That is why, you should make sure you create a good environment by promoting a culture of respect and credibility.

  1. Have a good reputation and a strong brand 

Veterans signing up to work at your workplace need to know that your brand has a good reputation. Marketing is important here. Thus, highlight your company’s mission and vision across all your digital channels to make a connection with veterans.

  1. Let people know you are hiring

If you are hiring through channels such as LinkedIn, people need to find your job ad. Update your network and post to let everyone know you are hiring. Try attending networking events. Or, create webinars to spread the word.

  1. Join a military hiring program

A lot of recruiting companies have hiring programs but finding a military program might be difficult. Grace Federal Solutions has a Military Outreach program dedicated to companies to find military veterans for their company. 

Hiring military veterans brings many benefits to your company including security clearances and tax breaks. To find out more about our Military Outreach program, contact us today!

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