Top 10 Qualities To Look For In A Project Manager

Project managers will require a large set of skills to initiate, plan, execute, manage, and close a project. They are expected to lead a team to achieve pre-determined goals on budget and on time. Because managing a large project can be challenging, it requires the right skills to complement your industry’s technical skills. Here are the top ten skills to look for in a project manager:


Project managers control their people and the working environment, including their work assignments, schedules, deliverables. Therefore, look for a person with strong leadership skills who can unite a team and motivate them to success.


High communication skills will be needed to efficiently share goals, ideas, reports. Project managers should also provide updates to everyone involved.

Technical & Report Writing

Strong technical and report writing skills are an essential part of communication. This becomes even more important if the project begins to experience problems.


Strong organizational skills will be required to prioritize tasks and allocate resources and people. That is why project managers may use Gantt Charts or Kanban Boards to facilitate team and time management.

Risk Management

Project managers must identify and mitigate risks that arise. Therefore, a project manager that makes use of risk management tools will be able to aid in developing effective strategies.


Inevitably, issues arise in any project. So, look for a manager with strong problem-solving skills to quickly deal with those issues.

Research Skills

You need a project manager who effectively researches and gathers information needed in planning and executing a major project.


Plans change, either due to problems that arise during the project or a change in the company stakeholders’ goals. Therefore, look for a project manager that can navigate turbulent times and adapt quickly.

Conflict Management

Project managers must manage conflicts and resolve them so that they do not impact the project.


Project managers find themselves negotiating with suppliers, clients, project team members, and stakeholders. So, look for someone with high negotiation skills to secure fair contracts with suppliers and resolve internal issues that can arise.

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